South China Morning Post: We review the biggest hair secret of K-pop stars: the Korean cream bath

Have you ever looked at K-pop stars and wondered how they keep their hair so chic, in place and shiny all the time?

LeeKaja Beauty Salon is really something. What caught my eye was its prime location – in the fabulous new Robinsons, Shoppes at Four Seasons Place. The salon has a distinctive interior design and a facade that attracts all the trigger-happy social media people.

Dripping from the ceilings are chains of flowers and verdant fronds (a mixture of real and fake flowers that are changed frequently, according to the manager, a stylish South Korean woman named Jaykay). Wrought around the rustic counters and hair stations are ivy tendrils and Dyson hairdryers (major plus points). And you can hang out in the fully-equipped cafe within the salon as you wait for your blow dry to settle.

Most of the staff and directors who do your hair are from South Korea, so if it is courteous treatment you’re after, you will get it here (even the name cards are personalised with their Hangul names and a sketch of their miens; very cool).

You can also pop in for a spa day. From nails to body treatments and facials, LeeKaja has an extensive menu and a lovely secluded area for those who just want to relax. Those keen on major girlie pampering can pre-book one of the private rooms. Jaykay says these rooms can also be reserved for women who are too shy to take off their hijabs in public.